! Jeg elsker sitte p stickam xD Det er s mange dumme folk der xD
Og n, s mtte jeg jo seff sjekke innboksen min p stickam, og jeg har jo
sklart ftt ett par meldinger xD Jeg kan vise dere dem da :P Jeg dde:

12/04/2007 8:20 pm - Gray Wolf
hey sweet -
sorry if i say something for u to leave the chat room, ur are so beautiful, I couldnt resist to flirt, please dotn be mad at me angel face,...tony

01/28/2010 4:34 pm - natacha456
message me to have fun ;)

09/14/2010 7:40 pm - k_mart23
hey wuts up

09/14/2010 8:18 pm - Prax
You seem like a really sweet and funny girl, its unfortunate that people just get in your room and ask for boobs and stuff like that, you deserve the oppertunity to actually meet people on here rather than get constantly asked perverted questions

It was kindof difficult to have a conversation with you when there were so many people being rude. so hopefully we'll get to talk more in the future! as you can see i added you so I'll be able to get back in your live another time.

Also I think Norway is really interesting and the and your accent when speaking english really isn't bad at all :)

09/15/2010 2:33 pm - John =D
Hi !!
Hey how are you my sexy marie =D, i find you really nice, and cute and funny and i would like to give you my msn, if you want you add me if you don't want i understand, =)

I would like to speak more with you cause i really love you =)

Aww! Noen av dem er veldig koselig mot meg da :D
Jeg blir jo litt sjarmert ^^ <3

Men hade'a, stikker!
- Marie.

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